by Rachel Blackburn in ,

Well, demo day came and went and, with the help of our dads, the kitchen is now completely gone and the sun room is sans most of it's wood paneling and closet.  


A lot of people might feel stressed looking at the vastness of this project.  When we see the cleaned-out space though, we feel relieved.  

You see, all we can do from here is construction, not destruction!  There are no more ugly surprises to discover.  All movement is onward and upward now!

In the last day, Michael drywalled the wall that used to hold the kitchen sink.  To do that he had to remove a bunch of plumbing and move a couple of outlets, plus sort out the mess that was the dining room light switch and put in insulation.

Here are a few photos of where things are at:



Floor is gone, cabinets are gone.  Please note the viewing gallery...

Here's the sun room:

There used to be a closet and wood paneling there.  

Michael found time to pour one of the piers:

He was, of course, adequately supervised:

And we got a giant dumpster to get rid of stuff:

We filled that puppy to the brim!

Now, to help keep us from getting overwhelmed, we tackle only a couple of things at a time.  Projects for the rest of the week will be to pour the other concrete pier and to take out that load-bearing wall/put in the new beam.

Here's to the next round of projects!