Survival Mode

by Rachel Blackburn in ,

Things are moving along, but we're at that exhausted stage of renovation.  The floors are in process but still not done.  The electrical is in process but still not done.  We can't do insulation until we pass electrical inspection.  Inspections can only happen on Fridays because of our schedules.  The holidays are here.  Michael's job is demanding more of his time right now.  We're tired from trying to balance it all, which means we're less productive when we do work.  

You get the picture.  

This week was spent on floors and electrical.  It was FREEZING outside (literally - freezing rain and sleet) so we couldn't exactly open up the house to ventilate after doing the top coat on the floors.  On the coldest days Michael worked on electrical instead.  That was great except that the power went out for awhile on the one day he was going to have the most time to work.  This stage of renovation requires power tools.

Stuff got done, but not anywhere near as much as we would have liked.  

That's not to say nothing got done.  The floors were sanded.  One coat of the clear coat was put down on the living room floor (and we decided we wanted a different finish).  The clear coat was pretty rough despite vacuuming and 2 washes with mineral spirits prior to putting the clear coat on, so now Michael needs to go give the whole thing a light sanding before we can put another coat down.  

We're in survival mode.  We're focusing on whatever the next step is, nothing further.

Here's a pic of the living room, complete with peanut gallery:

Sanding removed most of the water stains, which was great!  We're also really pleased with the color and will not be staining it.  Michael is just putting a few clear coats of water-based polyurethane down.

Today Michael is bound and determined to finish the floors.  Once that is done he'll finish the last of the electrical and hopefully we can do the electrical inspection on Friday.  We are hoping to find a plumber that can do the gas line for the stove this week so we can do the mechanical inspection on Friday as well.  We'll see how that goes.  

Onward and upward!