Good Friends Make All The Difference

by Rachel Blackburn in ,

This has been some week!  We had a huge wind storm on Thursday that knocked out the power {for the SECOND time this renovation...on a day when we had planned to do a lot} for over 24 hours.  Great.

The reason that was so great?  Michael's cousin was coming down to help out starting Thursday night.  They planned to work really hard Thursday night, Friday, Saturday night and Sunday.  And they did, electricity or not.  

Thursday's task was cleaning.  Yeah, that didn't exactly get done...  One really great thing we noticed on Thursday though was that with the insulation up that side of the house stayed pretty draft-free, even with all the wind and no power.  Win!

Friday's task was drywalling the kitchen.  We passed insulation inspection {also known as the fastest inspection known to man} and the guys got to work.  They had the whole thing done by sundown, which was fortunate as we still did not have power.  Friday was a total God-thing.  The inspector showed up at 8:15AM.  The drill batteries lasted only enough to hang the very last sheet of drywall that they had enough light to hang.  All but a 2ft x 2 ft section got hung before it got dark.  

Saturday night was spent finishing up the small section of drywall, moving everything out of the sun room and gluing plywood to the sun room floor.  The sun room is on a concrete slab and we needed to glue the plywood to it for 2 reasons.  Reason 1 is that we needed to shorten the step into the room somewhat, which we accomplished by using 23/32 thickness plywood plus 3/4 inch flooring.  Much better.  Reason 2 is that we needed something to staple the hardwood onto.  Concrete makes that a little difficult...

Sunday was a sun room floor-laying marathon.  The guys glued the rest of the plywood down in shifts, as it was bowed and needed to have the wood flooring laying on it to weigh it down and ensure good contact with the glue.  They then got about 2/3 of the hardwood laid, which was amazing!  They were beat at the end of the day, but happy.  Having Michael's cousin here made it possible to accomplish way more this weekend than we normally can.  It was really incredible.

The kids of course thought that this was all just marvelous.  Caden was especially enthralled, and he was very proud of being a great helper.  He handed the guys drywall screws, picked things up that dropped, doled out the floor nailer staples as needed, and generally kept up a running commentary on the whole thing.  He knows a lot about renovation for a 4 year old!

This week the plumber is supposed to put in the gas line.  Hopefully we can get that inspection done.  It might be hairy, as we have things going on every day this week that require Michael to be out of the house at some point.  Michael is going to try to finish the floors in the kitchen and sun room.  The sun room floor needs the rest of the hardwood nailed down.  Then the 2 floors just need a light sanding and 3 clear coats.  Drywall taping and mudding will happen as there is time.  At least that's a quiet activity, so we can do that after 9.  

Christmas is coming, and hopefully we will have a functioning kitchen for it.  I am missing doing my usual holiday baking, but at least I'm saving myself the calories!  We seriously can't wait for this to be done.  People ask us what we'll do next after this project is done.  Our answer is something along the lines of "nothing, at least for awhile".  We are looking forward to having things calm down for a month or two!