Functional. {Mostly}

by Rachel Blackburn in ,

We have a functional kitchen!  As of tonight the stove, dishwasher, sink and garbage disposal are hooked up and working!  It's been 3.5 months, and we are so. ready. for a working kitchen!

Isn't it pretty?  It's be-you-ti-ful to me.  Kind of amazing that when we moved in it was a walled-off family room.

Also, this kitchen is going to be HUGE.

The gas line was installed on Christmas Eve.  Pretty awesome Christmas present!  We passed mechanical inspection the day after Christmas and Michael has been working really, really hard ever since to get us a functioning kitchen.

I spent a couple of evenings building the cabinet carcasses {yes, that is the official name for the boxes} while Michael wrangled them into place and leveled them.  Leveling them takes time and infinite patience.  That's why he does that and not me - ha!  That's also where we made bank on the cabinets we did for our HGTV kitchen a couple of years ago.  They were so level that the show's contractors were convinced they had been professionally installed.  

Rock on, hubby!

In other news, I could now take a side job at Ikea, professionally assembling their cabinets for them.  I have the instructions memorized.

We are using plywood for counters until the concrete is poured and cured.  That project will be coming soon.  Michael has spent the last couple of nights connecting the dishwasher and faucet, as well as the garbage disposal.  We've been pretty beat - the holidays were busy and Emmy gave up sleeping through the night for awhile - so accomplishing that much is really great.

Next projects are finishing one area of drywall, putting in the cabinet doors and drawers, putting in the pantry shelving system, putting in the rest of the plywood counters, assembling the island, hooking the vents back up to the furnace and finishing the sun room floor.  

There are still a million projects to do after that in order for this space to be done, but having the ability to cook something on a stove or in an oven again sure makes it easier to bear.  My Pollyanna side is re-emerging and we're going to have made-from-scratch pizza for New Year's Eve tomorrow!