Our Giant of an Apple Tree

by Rachel Blackburn in

Did you know that apple trees can get 40 feet tall?  I didn’t.  But then, I’ve never paid that close of attention before.  Our backyard has an apple tree, and I’m looking forward to making homemade apple butter!  

But first, it needed a haircut.  Or neutering, depending on who you’re talking to.

Meet our tree: 

We have some fabulous neighbors.  They have come over to introduce themselves and have been very welcoming.  They also filled us in a bit on the history of our house.  It sounds like this tree hasn’t been trimmed in 10+ years.  That makes sense - the thing is a giant!

It was important that we trim the tree before it had buds so we could have a few apples this fall.  Michael took the tree on one Sunday.  He spent 8 hours - EIGHT HOURS - using a tree saw to painstakingly trim the tree.  My heart was only in my throat three or four times, watching him.

I am so proud of him.  He could barely move the next few days, he was so sore.

Here is the tree and the aftermath: 

We will spend the next several weeks chopping up the bigger branches for firewood and cutting up the smaller ones to go in the yard waste bin, but it was worth it.