One room down, 8 to go!

by Rachel Blackburn in

Emmy's room is (mostly) done!  Good enough for the kids to move in at least.  All that's left is to finish spray painting the closet doors (more on that in another post), install them, refinish the floor and put in the baseboards.  

It feels AMAZING to be done with our first room!

The kids moved in tonight.  Emmy seemed pleased with her big-girl-bed arrangement, and Caden is looking forward to working on his room.

Michael and I are looking forward to sleep.





- Final tally of odd things found in Em's room -

Telephone wires EVERYWHERE, even up and across the ceiling!

Hooks, hooks, and more hooks.

A wallet-sized photo of Captain Kirk.  Guess that kind of fits us though...


- Total time for this project -

About 3 weeks' worth of Sundays and evenings.