Found Treasures

by Rachel Blackburn in

We are deep in the midst of moving walls and hidden treasures are being unearthed!  It's always fun to do work on a house just for the things you learn about the previous owner.  

The previous owner of this house was a collector.  She bought the house circa 1961 and lived in it until she passed away in 2012.  Our first introduction to this house was the estate sale the trust held in the fall of 2013.  She had a lot of things, some of which were very collectable.

So, it wasn't a huge surprise that we found a cache of old magazines in the cubby above Caden's closet when we went to demo it - National Geographics from 1910-1940's.  They are so much fun to look through!  Things have changed a lot in the last century.

Who knows what else we will find as we work our way through this house?  I can't wait to find out!