How to Swag a Pendant Light Without a Chain

by Rachel Blackburn in ,

We are currently in the market for a considerable number of light fixtures.  Every one in this house needs replaced, and it's dark so we need to add a few more. 

With beam ceilings, that means swag lights only.  There is no attic to move junction boxes around in.

Did you know there are a fairly limited number of reasonably-priced swag lights that can handle more than a 40 watt bulb available on the market, and most of them are not mid-century modern?  I don't want a dining room chandelier in every room thankyouverymuch.  

I loooooove the look of more clean-lined lighting fixtures.  I've been drooling over a few at West Elm and Crate and Barrel for a few months now.  Only problem is, I haven't been able to figure out how to get them to swag.  They have no chain, only a cord.  That won't work on a hook - it'll just slip and put too much tension on the line, besides looking ugly.

Recently we decided to take the plunge and figure out how to make it work, because we found a really awesome light for the hallway at West Elm for not too much money.  Great look, reasonable cost.  No chain.

Michael googled for a bit of inspiration and came upon this post.  Ironically enough, it's even the same light fixture!  He made a quick trip to Home Depot and had the loop assembled in about a minute.  

This won't work in every situation, but it is sure going to open up a variety of lighting options for us!  It keeps the line in place, gives it some extra support so we're not hanging an electrical wire directly on a hook that will pinch and cut into it, and it looks kinda cool.

- Swagging a Pendant Light Without a Chain - 

You'll need a 1/4" wire rope thimble and clamp, and a ceiling hook to hang the light on

1. Mark on your line where you want the loop to go.

2. Run the area where you want the loop over the thimble (the u-shaped device that makes the curve).  

3. Attach the clamp right below the thimble, and hand tighten it.  You don't want it so tight that it impinges on the electrical cord.  You just want it to hold.

4. Hang your light.

5. Voila!