Living Room Update

by Rachel Blackburn in ,

We've been hard at work on the living room and hallway.  They're not quite done, but here's a little update: 

This was late last week.  Michael sanded and skim coated and sanded the walls again.  There were a lot of walls.  Then I painted.  And painted.  And painted some more, just for kicks.  Then Michael painted.  It was a lot of paint...

Then we cleaned.  Renovating with kids is interesting.  You have to clean up every day or they will track drywall dust everywhere.  Trust me, I know from firsthand experience.  So that adds at least an hour every night to whatever you're doing.  Good times.

In the end, it's worth it.  Here's what the living room looks like now: 

It's a work in progress.  The row of ceiling boards along the wall you see here and the wall along the dining room in the picture above is stained.  The rest still need to be stained.  We still have electrical outlets to swap out and light fixtures to hang.  We have to figure out a solution to the dummy door handles we bought for the closet doors.  Our current furniture is not what will be here permanently, but it's doing a fine job until we get some more mid-century looking stuff.  I need to get to West Elm to swap out the legs on the sofa.  

But it feels clean and bright!  And the house is smelling less and less like the lady who lived here before us.  We'll be sure to post pictures when we're done.  It'll be a little bit.  Michael is working on some designs and drawings for our church right now, and then we might need to fix our downspouts, but it'll all get done eventually.

One step at a time!