Well, That's One Way To Remove Wallpaper...

by Rachel Blackburn in ,

The kitchen reno is rolling along.  We took the time this week to create a calendar of events and anticipate the kitchen will be done {except for the finishing touches that always take way longer than they should and are not essential for the kitchen to function} a week before Thanksgiving.  

Now that I've put that out there, we have to stick to it, right?  

This week was plumbing {new kitchen sink sewer and vent pipe} and demo {half my kitchen disappeared}.

We have moved from layers of wallpaper to layers of linoleum.  On the bright side, that fuzzy half-painted-on wallpaper in the living room is gone.  



Hello, new dining room!

The wall next to the kitchen cabinets will come out too, eventually.  We are trying to keep our sink and dishwasher for as long as possible during the renovation.

The "beams" turned out to be cleverly stained 1x8's.  That made them pretty simple to remove: hit them hard and they will fall down.

The old linoleum was super stylish:

And for kicks, here's a shot of the new plumbing:

The walls that made up the kitchen were cobbled together and kind of crazy.  It made us think that the kitchen had been renovated once, albeit many years ago.  There were strange things like insulation in the wall between the kitchen and the living room, etc.

At any rate, the walls are gone and we couldn't be more excited about how open the living room is feeling! This coming week we will finish demo-ing out the water heater closet and some shelves in the garage that are presently covering up where the water heater will move to, plus tackle the rest of the plumbing.