Kitchen Piers and Broken Pipes

by Rachel Blackburn in ,

My husband is a saint.  Let me just say that now.  

He has spent this week crawling around under the house, digging with a shovel and crowbar in rock-hard dirt under what will be the ends of the beam we are putting in.  That is not the nicest smelling place in this house.

Oh, and it didn't smell all that great because while Michael was crawling around under the house he discovered there was a rusted-out pipe down there leaking water.  Good times.

Michael repaired the pipe in record time and is now back to digging.  The weight of the amount of roof that this one beam will have to carry demands that we put in additional concrete pads under the ends of the beam - aka "piers".  The columns will sit in that and hold the weight of the old roof plus the new addition.

So, here's where things are at:

Michael and I have an agreement.  While he is doing this part {which I can't really help with anyways - tight space}, I am working on Em's princess costume and some Christmas presents.  That way when we get to the point where I can help I'll be ahead on those and have the time.  

This week will be finishing up the piers and hopefully starting in on plumbing!