We're Making Progress! {Insert Happy Dance Here}

by Rachel Blackburn in ,

This is what our kitchen looked like about a week ago:

This is what it looked like about 3-4 days ago: 

And THIS is what it looks like now{!}:

It's so pretty!  And big!  And it WORKS!  We have a real, live stove, dishwasher and sink!  That makes such a huge difference in our lives.  I've been cooking all week.

Don't worry.  The reno was stressful, but we did not completely lose our minds and install blue cabinets.  That's the protective coating.  The cabinets are glossy white.

Of course, none of this would have happened without Caden's able assistance...

And he and Emmy had a blast playing while Michael and I put doors and drawers together:

We still have a lot to do - wire the outlets, hook up the electrical, install the pantry doors, finish the vent hood, install the last few cabinets, do baseboards, lighting, ceilings, counters, backsplash and shelves, but the kitchen works and that makes life so much better.