Master Bedroom Reno {Mostly} Done

by Rachel Blackburn in ,

Michael has been busting a move on getting the master bedroom done, focused on getting it finished enough to move into before the baby came.  

He succeeded!  We moved in when I was 40 weeks pregnant.  

Luke arrived 4 days late.  It was very considerate of him to delay his arrival by a few days so we could finish things up.  Michael even had time to get the crib built...the night before Luke arrived.

There is still stuff to be done in the room, but we are living in it, crib and all!  We have a little more ceiling trim to get up {ran out - oops!}, door knobs to change out, paint touch-up in a couple of spots, a curtain rod to hang, curtains to hem, and the master closet to finish.  

That's stage 1 of the renovation.  Stage 2 will be awhile yet, and will involve expanding the postage-stamp sized master bath into the even smaller walk-in closet, plus putting some can lights in the master bedroom itself.  But that's a whole other project.

So, in 3 weeks Michael laid 2/3 of our room's wood floor, feathering in every row, sanded and finished the floor, skim coated, sanded and painted the walls, painted and put up baseboard and ceiling trim, framed out and drywalled a master closet, swapped out all the old outlets and switches for new ones, and lugged all of our stuff back in here.  All while watching kids 3 days a week and working at his urban design job 2 days a week.  

I married Superman.  

Here is the room before:

And after:




I'm really pleased with how open the entry to the room feels.  Michael and I were concerned that putting the closet there would make it feel too tight, but it worked out great.  The entry and the room still feel huge, and the whole room feels so much brighter with the new paint!

The ceiling is very low in this room.  There was the same vaulted beam ceiling above the original room, but when they did the addition they drywalled the ceiling on the old room and the addition so they would look the same.  That left us with 7 ft ceilings.  We will eventually put in can lighting to address the room's lack of lighting.  We carried the same trim, both baseboards and ceiling trim, in from the rest of the house to give a sense of continuity.  It helps a bit, though this room is still clearly an addition.  

The kids were real troopers while Michael worked on this room.  They love to help, so Michael let them skim coat inside the closet:

They had a blast.  

Now, we rest.  The garage is a bit of a disaster, so we're slowly going through everything in there in hopes of clearing out space to work in the garage.  After that, maternity leave will consist of playing with the kids, spending time as a family and finishing up the multitude of projects that we are in the middle of.  Hopefully that will include a finished kitchen, finished stage 1 of the master reno, finishing the baseboards in the living room and maybe even painting the exterior of the house!