Bridal Shower Two Ways

by Rachel Blackburn in

This has been a busy summer and fall! I took a few months off from blogging just because, well, there was no time. 

But I'm back! 

This summer my sister got married. That meant I got to throw bridal showers! We threw them when family and friends came into town just before the wedding, so it was a jam-packed weekend, but it was fun! 

Deb wanted two showers, one for family and one for friends. {Read: one was kosher, one wasn't so kosher.}

The first shower was fun and sweet. The theme was "Gross. Debbie has to live with a boy now." We played games, had a million kinds of dip {because chips and dip are typical boy food, right?}, and had a good time, and Em was thrilled that she could attend with the big girls. 

For food, we did chocolate fondue with homemade marshmallows, fruit, rice krispies and brownies. We also had pretzels and cookie dough dip, chips and dill pickle dip {Deb is known for her dill pickle habit}, dill pickle popcorn, hummus and veggies, cheese and crackers and tzatziki. I ran to a fancy soda store and got a bunch of unique root beers, cream sodas and ginger beers. Tasty!

Decorations were simple. I dipped some baby food jars in different colored paint and filled them with fresh flowers. Festive plates and napkins made up the rest of the decor. 

For games, we played guess how old the bride is {Mom was happy to supply pictures!}, mad libs, made a date night jar, and played "Who am I?" a game where you write down a memory you have of the bride and she has to guess who wrote it. Good times!

Prizes were a collection of little things from nail polish to chocolates to notepads, and for favors I had my college roommate's aunt make homemade pie cherry jelly. After all, love is sweet! 

A good time was had by all!

After the first shower was over we sent the bride off to get a mani/pedi, sent Em to her grandparents' house much to her chagrin and set up for the second shower. 

The theme? Sexy and sweet, a lingerie shower!

We started off with games, a more risque version of mad libs {Deb spent a lot of time blushing}, a cell phone scavenger hunt, another round of the date night jar, and then hung out and munched on cheese, crackers and fruit. Mom and my aunts helped make some brie and marionberry tarts, which were delicious! We drank virgin mimosas. 

Deb's fiancee is known for his beard, so we played pin the beard on Joey while we snacked. That was entertaining!

After that we played a game that involved Deb guessing who brought what pair of panties. Even the groom sent a pair! Then Deb opened her gifts and we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and hanging out. 

At the end of the party, guests were gifted Eos lip balm in bags that said "Keep your lips kissably soft!"

It was fun to spend time with family and friends, celebrating a happy event!