Catching Up and Planning Ahead

by Rachel Blackburn in ,

There are sometimes lulls in renovation.  That's both good and bad.  The lulls allow us to catch up on other little "honey-do" projects, but it can sometimes make it hard to get started again, especially when the next project is going to be huge and span several months.

So, what have we been up to lately?

Well, the kitchen peninsula is gone.

Before {as in, before we moved in}:


We've talked to an engineer and contractor about taking out the wall between the family room and sun room.  Exciting stuff!  It will be possible to put in a beam that spans the whole width of the wall.  The headroom will be a little low {like the top of a doorway}, so we plan to have a step down into the sunroom.  There was debate about if we were going to level the floor or not and this kind of cinched it for us.  Also, Michael will have to pour more cement under the foundation at the ends of the beam.  Can't have a roof caving in!  Once we have the final drawings Michael can go get the permit and we can start.

Ikea had their friends and family kitchen sale, so we went and bought that last weekend.  We've been hemming and hawing about the kitchen design.  It's a huge space, so we settled on lower cabinets only, open shelving above.  We will put in an island for extra workspace and storage, and it will have a bar that we can sit at to eat breakfast.

In preparation for doing the kitchen, Michael cleaned out the garage.  I love him for that!  It had been the place where we dumped anything we didn't know what to do with yet, and he found a spot for all of it.  Then we promptly filled it up with 126 boxes from Ikea.  At least we could see the floor for a day!

Caden and Emmy are super excited to help out with the kitchen.  Caden has a small collection of real tools, and Emmy uses his plastic tools to help.  The other day they were doing demo:

There were empty cans in the wall.  I'd say I was surprised, but with all the things we've found in this house, I'm really not.

Other than that, it's been cleaning and catching up on the myriad of little jobs that seem to really add up.  

We finally hung some art in Caden's room:

I had seen something like this art here.  It looked cute and simple, so I tried it.  Lo and behold it was!  I found colored canvases at Michael's for $1.50 each, spray painted them, painted on the white dashes with acrylic paint and had Michael fold me a paper airplane which I hot glued on the canvas.  All in all, it cost around $10.  Big impact, low cost.  Yes!

So, now it's demo, flooring and cabinet building.  Hopefully next time I post we will have some more progress to show you!