Sunroom Before/After

by Rachel Blackburn in ,

When we started the kitchen renovation, it never occurred to us that this would be such a long, drawn-out project.  Things dominoed and we worked on the living room, dining room, kitchen and sunroom all at the same time.  Half our house was torn up.  Since this turned into a very long project, it's been nice to celebrate the big and little victories along the way.  

Today we celebrate that the sunroom is essentially done!  It's been a journey.  The only thing this room didn't require was wallpaper removal.  We took down a load-bearing wall, demo'd a bunch of wood paneling and a closet, removed a window, upgraded some insulation, installed hardwood floors, drywalled the whole thing, painted, fixed outlets and light switches and installed a ceiling fan.  

It feels AMAZING!




Still to do is a little paint touch up around the skylights and changing out the door hardware.

Michael worked really, really hard to get this done.  It involved a ton of drywall work, which is definitely NOT his favorite thing to do.

We went from a room that felt closed-off, dingy and dirty to one that feels huge, fresh, clean and inviting.

Having the kitchen and sunroom in one space makes it feel so airy and open, and it's a great place to entertain.

Even though the room is clearly an addition, we tried to make it fit a little better by bringing in trims found in the rest of the original house.  Windows were trimmed like the old ones, the same trim went around the top of the wall and the same baseboard was used.  We also painted the doors gray to match the character in the rest of the house.  It helped a lot!

It's hard to say how long we spent on this room or how much it cost, because this is rolled into the larger kitchen/sunroom/living room/dining room project.  All we know is that we got the best deals we could and did it as fast as we could.  We had a some family help with this room too, which was wonderful.

Sometimes you need to break a big project down into baby steps.  There came a point in the reno that we decided to just focus on getting this one room done so that we could live in it while we worked on the last bits of the kitchen and living/dining room.  And it paid off!  It's so relaxing to sit in the sunroom now, and it makes the whole project feel less daunting.

We'll post more pictures when this room is fully decorated.  We have plans for a custom entertainment center/toy storage area, and the room definitely needs a rug and some art, which will probably happen after the kitchen is finished.  

For the time being, we will enjoy it as it is - FINISHED!