Halfway to a Sunroom!

by Rachel Blackburn in ,

Sometimes progress seems slow, but honestly, so long as it's progress we're all good.  People have been asking for pictures lately to see where we're at.  Truth is, we're moving forward but at a slower pace than we have in the past.  Michael's had to put in a bunch of hours at work, Caden has had school events that take up any spare time Michael might have, and I've had projects that are keeping me at work for 10-11 hours/day and then coming home and working some more after the kids are in bed.  It's been a little nuts.

We are anticipating having the sunroom up and running in a little under 2 weeks!  The walls are drywalled, seams are mudded, window trim is installed, wall trim is up, floor is installed {still unfinished}, old {uuuuggglllyy} ceiling fan is down, and as of yesterday, the ceiling is painted!  

For reference, this is what it used to look like in all it's wood paneling and pink-tasseled wicker fan glory:

Still to do in the sunroom: install the new ceiling fan, skim coat the walls, paint the walls, paint the trim and doors, sand and apply topcoat to the floors and install the baseboards.

Speaking of ceiling fans, yesterday I found one that I actually like AND that was in our price range.  This is an unheard-of event.  Normally I tolerate white or stainless ceiling fans and really dislike the fake wood and/or brass ones.  I had yet to come across one that I could look at and say "Wow!  That really adds a nice design element to this room!"

Yesterday that changed.

I found this:

I know, I know.  It's wood.  But it's PRETTY wood, in a warm color that works for mid-century modern design.  It has rounded lines, which also lend to the mid-century modern feel, and it will tie the wood beam ceilings in with the sunroom, which has a white ceiling.  The fan looks better in person than it does in the picture - less shiny.  Even if I wasn't shopping for a mid-century modern house, I'd still love this fan.  Seriously.  I think the saleslady thought I was nuts for being so giddy. 

In other renovation news, we have come to the conclusion that our glass backsplash project won't work for the kitchen - that'll be on the back burner for another room.  Because of that, the hunt has begun for a backsplash.  We're pretty bummed about the glass not working out.

In between projects Michael is working on the butcher block countertops, which are looking gorgeous, and I started removing the rust/burgundy/rose floral wallpaper from our master bedroom.  I couldn't take it any more.  

So, lots going on.  Hopefully work allows both of us some time to get things done around the house.  Every night Caden prays for Daddy to finish the kitchen and sun room by spring.  I think his prayers are working!