Where Baby Proofing and Design Intersect

by Rachel Blackburn in ,

Baby proofing can mean some not-so-great design choices. Plastic locks on cabinet doors, baby gates here and there, outlet covers that require destroying your finger nails in the process of getting them out of outlets...none of those are pretty. 

But hiding cords can make things pretty, and it definitely makes things safer for baby! 

Michael recently hid the cords from our entertainment center. We went from this being a back-burner project to a front and center project when Luke got tall enough to reach the cords. But I have to say, I'm thrilled with how it looks. 

We went from this: 

to this: 

Pretty amazing what a big difference that makes aesthetically, right? 

I'm still deciding what I'm going to put on those shelves. I borrowed plants from the kitchen shelves for this picture. The sale sign is neat, it came with the house - it was the old cat door. We cleaned it up and called it decor. For now, the shelves are holding the books and plants you see on the entertainment center because, well, grabby baby. But that's life. 

Memorial Day weekend we are tackling the front yard. Stay tuned for that!