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This week's blog post was supposed to be about diy butcher block countertops.  

Supposed to be.

Instead it will be about how at 37 weeks pregnant I innocently suggested to Michael that we remove the {really nasty} carpet from our bedroom so that things would be cleaner for the baby, a decision that sometime Sunday morning morphed into renovating the entire master bedroom.

I fully admit we may be crazy.  Granted, we re-did the living room at our Altadena house {wainscoting, paint, crown moulding, etc.} when I was pregnant with Emmy, but that was at a safer 35 weeks pregnant and while Michael wasn't working outside of the home.

We've been working on the master bedroom here and there since we moved in last year.  Michael had to make some adjustments when he turned the old linen closet into the hall closet.  I've spent time off and on over the last few weeks removing the wallpaper in there.  We did the last of the wallpaper Saturday night and discovered that the previous owner had left a layer of {pretty hideous} gold and black wallpaper under the layer we removed, but she painted over it.  Some of it was peeling up, but most was firmly attached, so we left it.  

This week Michael is working as hard and as fast as he can to install and finish hardwood floors, build a walk-in closet and drywall, mud and paint the whole master bedroom.  

I have an amazing husband!

Here is where things are at as of tonight:

It's coming along!  Considering this week is crazy busy - Monday Michael took the kids to the children's museum, last night I had a baby shower, tonight Caden had his school spring concert, tomorrow is our anniversary and Michael has to go into work on Friday, he has made amazing progress.  

Fingers crossed this baby stays put until at least 40 weeks so we have a week to rest before he or she arrives!