Pom Pom Garland

by Rachel Blackburn in

Emmy's room has an awkward empty space above her closet.  It's about 2 feet high (not including the beam) and about 5 feet long.  I wanted to put something there, but I wasn't sure what to fill the space with.

It popped into my brain that something hanging from the ceiling would be cute in that spot.  Something light enough for the closet ceiling, open and airy enough that it wouldn't feel cluttered.  

A pom pom garland sounded perfect!

I looked around Etsy and came away thinking "I can make that for way cheaper, can't i?"

Yes, yes I can.  And if I can do it, so can you!

- Here's how you do it - 

You will need:

Yarn, in several different colors for the pom poms

Yarn or string, to string the pom poms on

A craft needle

A pair of scissors

Your hands


I wanted big pom poms, since they will be up high and need to have a big impact.  The ones i made were about 4 inches across.  You could make them smaller by wrapping them fewer times around a smaller object.


- Here's what I did - 

1. Roll your yarn into a ball.  It'll be easier than sorting out knots in the skein of yarn while your hand turns blue.  Not that I speak from experience...

2. Take the yarn and wrap it around your hand (around your 4 fingers) 125 times.  Don't make it too tight or you will have blue fingers (see step #1).

3. Slide the yarn loop carefully off your hand.

4. Wrap a short piece of yarn around the middle of the loop - all the yarn.  Double knot it as tight as you can.

5. Cut the loops.

6. Fluff the yarn so the ball looks round-ish.

7. Trim off the excess yarn until you get the size and appearance you want.

8. String some yarn or string on your needle, the length that you want the garland to be.  Thread the pom poms onto the yarn, as close together as you want them to be.  

9. Hang it up and enjoy it!  This makes a great decoration for kids' rooms, and it can be used as a party decoration or a photo prop.