Living Room and Hall Before/After

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We are done with stage 1 of the living room and hall!  Well...done-ish.  There are 2 dummy door handles to figure out how to attach which I'm sure will become a future blog post.

But here it is!  The walls are smoothed and painted, the ceiling is stained, switches and outlets are brand new, doors are painted, new door hardware is installed and there is a gorgeous new light fixture in the hall.

Hall, before and after:

Living room, before:

Thirsty ceiling, bad, Bad, BAD drapes, forest green carpet by the doors, pinkish-red wall.


Better picture of the wall.  We had switched out curtains at this point (had to get rid of the smell).  The lady who lived here before us had big bushes in the front window for privacy.

Aaaaannnd AFTER!

The bushes are gone!

We left the wallpaper because that wall will be going away in the not-too-distant future, and it's a good reminder of how far this house has come.  And I was feeling lazy.

I can't wait to get decorating!  I hit Michaels tonight and scored big on some frames.  A little spray paint and they will be ready for the wall behind the couch!

Time/budget: 2 weeks (spread out over about 4 happened), $450.  Door hardware is expensive, and the hall had a lot of doors!

Still to be done: Refinish the floor, do the baseboards, do the light switch by the back door, knock out the wall between the living room and kitchen, hang a new light in the dining room, wash the fireplace, replace the fireplace hearth, replace the front door, decorate!

Final tally of odd things: Tons of hooks in the ceiling and on the walls, wallpaper behind the baseboards (we're up to 10 different prints now!), fuzzy wallpaper that had been painted over, but only around where an armoire sat, and fire crystals (70's anyone?) in the fireplace.

Next project will be the kitchen.  We will spend the next few weeks planning it out, then tackle it head on!  It's one of the most complicated projects in this house, because it has a domino effect on a bunch of other rooms.  We're excited to get started!

Making progress!

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We've been working lately on the hall and living room, getting those rooms ready for paint.  It's exciting, because it's the last of the "uncomplicated" renovating.  It's terrifying, because it's the last of the "uncomplicated" renovating.  But it's a blast nonetheless!  

We are fortunate to have a couple of helpers: 

Got to start them young, right?  Caden is 3 1/2, Emmy just turned 2.  I have to say, having them mud (drywall) is much better than having them paint.  It washes off with water and they basically can't hurt anything.  Whatever they do can be sanded down.  

It is so fun to watch them "help"!  They are so excited and feel so important that it makes them very serious about the whole thing.  Caden loves to go put on his "work clothes" like Daddy.

And just because they are so stinking cute, here are a couple more of our helpers:

Hopefully we'll have "finished product" photos up for you sometime this week!