DIY Wall Art

by Rachel Blackburn in

Once the living room walls were painted, it looked a little, well, bare.  We had gone with a white satin paint and while it looked crisp, it also looked a little sterile.  

So, time to liven it up.  

It's a big wall and needed a lot of art to make an impact.  We do not have a huge budget for decorations, so this became an on-the-cheap DIY project.

I found a bunch of picture frames at Goodwill and Michaels.  Surprisingly, the picture frames in the clearance section at Michaels were cheaper than Goodwill.  Every frame I bought was $10 or less.  I even scored 3 big frames to go in the dining room area.  More on that later.

The reason they were so cheap is because I shopped for the shape and style of the frame, not the color.  To make them match I bought 4 colors of spray paint (white, gray, blue-green and yellow) and Michael painted the frames for me.  

Then we created some art.  Michael has a knack for graphic design, so I showed him some pictures of what I was thinking I wanted and he drew them on the computer.  Everything has meaning to us.  We got them printed at Costco for about $30.

After that, we laid out the design.  Paper eluded me that evening, so paper towel sufficed.  You have to use what you've got!

We had seen a photo on Pinterest of a wall with a medium-sized letter included as part of the art and we liked the look.  We decided to take it up a notch though and make our letter 'B' 20x30 inches.  Why that size?  Because that's the size of a poster printed at Costco.  We needed a cheap template and that one was $10.  

Michael then cut out the B and spray painted it with more of the blue spray paint.  We put some picture hangers on the back of it and voila!  Wall art.  The B cost about $30.  Nice wood is expensive.

Target also had a set of 3 small mirrors that seemed like they would fit in great.  They were in gray and had interesting texture.  And we didn't have to do anything to them but hang them.  Yes please!

I hung the art at heights that mimic the height of the wall - shorter at the shorter end, moving into taller at the taller end.  We tried to keep everything unique but still with enough similarities that it feels like it goes together.  

We're pleased with how it came out.  It really warms up the space and makes it feel fun, and it looks pulled-together.  This project took a long time, mostly because the art took awhile to design and our weather stopped cooperating for painting outside, but it was worth it.

All in all we spent about $200.  Not bad for a huge amount of frames and unique art!